How Long Does It Take To Get A US Entry Waiver Approved?

If you are trying to come into the United States and you have a criminal record, you may be denied entry. In these cases, you must obtain a special waiver before you can come into the country legally. This waiver. which may be called a “USA entry waiver,” “USA waiver” or “USA travel waiver,” provides you with advance permission to enter the United States in spite of your criminal background. Obtaining a US entry waiver can be a complicated process and may take some time, so it is important to act quickly when you know you need this document.

How to Obtain Your USA Entry Waiver

In order to obtain a USA entry waiver, you will have to complete an application process. To qualify, you will need to submit your fingerprints, along with two pieces of valid identification issued by the government. Examples include a birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, citizenship card, driver’s license and other similar documents. You will also need to get a certified criminal record, and you will need to pass background checks.

How Long Does the Entry Waiver Process Take?

If you want to enter the United States with a US entry waiver, you will need to begin the process far in advance of the time you plan to travel, as it can take many months to complete.

Before you can begin the application, you will need to obtain your certified criminal record. This process alone takes an average of 120 days to complete. Once you have this document, you can begin collecting other necessary records and completing other requirements. Each of these steps will take time. In general, satisfying all requirements of the application process will take approximately six months.

After your application has been completed, you must submit it and pay the required fee at a border crossing or international airport. It’s best to make an appointment in advance to ensure things go smoothly.

After submission, your application will be forwarded to the Department of Homeland Security for processing. This will take anywhere from four to nine months. Once a decision has been made, you will receive notification in the mail. All in all, the entire application and approval process takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

How to Speed Up the US Entry Waiver Process

Some ways to ensure that your US entry waiver doesn’t take any more time than it needs to include:

1. Make sure your application is complete.

If your application is not complete when it is submitted, it may be sent back to you with a request for more information, which causes a delay. Make sure your application has been compiled properly before you submit it.

2. Keep your address up to date.

You will receive notifications about your application in the mail, so make sure you keep your address updated with the Department of Homeland Security at all times.

3. Get help from an expert.

It is possible to submit the application on your own. However, the denial rate for self-submitted applications is fairly high, so this method is not recommended. To ensure you have the best chance of getting your application approved quickly, get help from an expert.

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If you need a US entry waiver, you need to act quickly. Don’t make any firm travel plans until you have the waiver in hand. In cases of humanitarian crisis, it may be possible to get the waiver faster, but these situations are very rare. To get your entry waiver as quickly as possible, please contact Ankeny Law today to schedule a free consultation.