We Provide Professional Legal Services for a Reasonable Fee and Welcome Complex Issues.
-Jason E. Ankeny

We Provide Professional Legal Services for a Reasonable Fee and Welcome Complex Issues.
-Jason E. Ankeny

Immigration Law

Immigration cases can be considerably complex. Having a focused & detail-oriented attorney will help ensure your case is handled correctly.

Trade Law

Knowing the regulations eliminates uncertainty and avoids the pitfalls of fines, penalties, and forfeitures

Corporate Law

Focusing on business entity formations and business transactions, while reducing the likelihood of disputes at best and litigation at worst

Civil Litigation

Personal Injury, Employment Law, Insurance Law and Trademark Law

The prospect of meeting with an attorney can seem intimidating. Here, though, there’s no need to worry. You’ll quickly realize that Ankeny Law s a different kind of firm. We are good communicators and will make you feel comfortable through the entire process. Lead attorney Jason Ankeny is a Multinational Lawyer licensed to practice law in the United States and Canada. A former U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) Officer/U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Officer, Jason gained more than a decade of experience enforcing U.S. Immigration and Customs laws of the United States.

Starting your case

We begin with a comprehensive consultation, which the lawyer uses to identify legal issues. This is the time the lawyer learns about your specific issues. You’ll be provided with an assessment of cost, time frames, and expectations.

Meeting All Your Legal Needs

We take a comprehensive approach to providing solutions that address your specific legal issue(s). Contact us today for a consultation to review your situation.

With more than 20 years of combined experience in U.S. Immigration/Customs enforcement and international business involving cross border cultural exchange programs, Jason brings unique insights into trade, cross-border, and cultural exchange issues to his law practice. Call today for a consultation.

Cross-Border Law, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation

Jason has more than 20 years combined experience in U.S. Immigration/Customs enforcement and international business involving cross border cultural exchange programs.

My family and have been using Jason Ankeny’s legal services and expertise for several years now, Jason and his staff are nothing short of great. I had a tough TN visa situation where it was denied twice using other lawyers. I decided to work with Jason on my family’s recommendation, and my visa was approved on my third attempt. This is extremely rare, and it’s all because of the hard work and expertise Jason brought to the table. I continue to utilize his services, and highly recommend Jason Ankeny to all my friends and family for their legal needs.

I would consider Jason an expert in immigration services, and completely trust his judgement. Jason’s professionalism and knowledge surpasses many other lawyers I have worked with, and as mentioned, will continue to use his services in the future. His organization, communication, and level of professionalism is commendable, and he is very pleasant to work with. His work is thorough, and he has continually shown his dedication to his clients by always keeping a clear line of communication, being honest, and always responding in a timely fashion. I will continue to use Mr. Ankeny and his team for my future immigration needs, and can always trust their judgement.

Upon completing my university studies in the United States, I spoke with several immigration attorneys about starting up a business in the Seattle area. After consulting with several attorneys, I found only one willing to take my case, which was later denied. After one visa denial and two refusals by CBP at the airport, I was literally stranded abroad. I was overwhelmed and about ready to give up.

I was then referred to Jason who I hired to straighten out a complicated mess. Jason came across as very confident and thorough. He stepped in and communicated to me in a very clear and precise manner regarding the law and how it applied to me. He clarified complicated issues with the consulate and sorted the whole thing out. My E-2 visa was issued!

Jason did not confine himself to regular office hours, and did not stop working for me until my visa was approved and I was back in the United States. I am beyond pleased with my experience at Ankeny law. Everyone I worked with and talked to were friendly, intelligent, diligent, as well as caring and sensitive to my specific case. I highly recommend Jason.

We are a mid-size farm-labor contractor located in South Georgia. We hired Jason to bring 130 farm workers from Mexico under the H-2A program for seasonal work. Although we were a little hesitant due to the distance of his office, we hired Jason to take on the project. We found Jason was very knowledgeable of the regulations and procedures. All of our applications were filed timely. Of the 130 applicants, 127 were issued H-2A visas and all made it to the fields on time! We have since used Jason for other immigration needs.

We are very appreciative to have our I 601 hardship waiver approved. We initially filed the application without an attorney and received a notice from the service asking for additional information. We were referred to Jason who we later hired to represent our case. He knew exactly what to do, which documents to request, and how to respond. We made it! Thank you Jason!

We hired Jason to prepare my E-2 Visa application to be processed in Vancouver, BC. While I received two separate complements from two different Consular Officers regarding the quality of my attorney’s E Visa presentation, other E visa applicants were being denied for one reason or another. It was assuring that my attorney knew exactly what to do to obtain our visas.

Jason was highly recommended as someone who knows U.S. Immigration Law. After a consult, I hired Jason for the purposes of creating my U.S. subsidiary and getting a E-2 Investor Visas for myself and 6 of my key workers. Due to critical timing issues, Jason remained available after hours and weekends. All seven visas were issued timely and without issue.